J.Cole – Grew Up Fast

With three mix tapes and his first album  it is safe to say J. Cole has clearly worked hard to make his way to the top. After dropping his first official album in September2011 ‘Sideline Story‘  he is already releasing tracks. ‘Grew Up Fast’ has a simple 808 drum kick and a sample of the early 70’s soulful musician David Ruffin’s ‘Double Cross‘. These two simple yet effective sounds create the foundation of this track. With rich witty lyrics; ‘Bob Marley is Haitian and me and Beyonce datin’ and wicked one liners like ‘matter a fact if you were grass id probably mow your ass up’ make this song so pleasurable to listen to. Even Cole’s slightly harsh lyrics towards other rappers are looked over ‘you more Diggy(Simmons)/me i’m more Biggie/no diss to the young boy/im just rapping/get bored quickly/just to make up for that line invite him on tour with me’.

As a big fan of him, J. Cole has won me over with this song and I doubt I am the only one, he is a true artist who(so far) does not fail to deliver.

The song is available for free download at J.Cole’s blog DreamVillain.net.




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