Fine architecture or just a big childs bridge?

Have you ever dreamt of  bouncing across a French river?

Until now, bridges have either been metal or wooden but the innovative contemporary architecture revealed by Atelier Zündel Cristea has been awarded third prize in the ‘ArchTriumph’ competition for their bizarre bridge.

The inflatable PVC modules which in total boasts ninety four meters in length and thirty metres in diameter filled with 3,700 cubic feet of air per ring can offer a new iconic landmark for Paris.

Although there will be heavy health and safety measures, it will undeniably be of the most fun ways to cross the Seine which already has thirty seven bridges. It offers passers by to experience the Eiffel tower from a upside down view whilst mid air in a back flip.

Sadly, it is just a concept and probably wont be built. But it is a step forward in design and what could be next? Water slides replacing stairs? Roller coasters replacing escalators?



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