Paranormal Activity 4: the franchise MAY just have run out of steam.

The latest addition to the series, now sees the neighbours in the midst of all the commotion. If you didn’t already know, Paranormal Activity 4 (PA4) is the sequel to Paranormal Activity 2 (confusing I know) and follows on from where ‘Kate’, after murdering her sister and all the other shenanigans, kidnaps her nephew ‘Hunter’ and the rest is left unknown until recently…

Overall, the movie proved to be a major disappointment. Branded ‘the scariest one yet’ it was far from that. Well, I must admit at one point I was peeking through my fingers but that’s irrelevant, that was a result of only suspense and not fright, to clarify. Paranormal Activity 3 however was extremely promising and the follow-up movie saddened me greatly, I had high hopes for the franchise but now those are once and truly shattered. Although, I sense a Paranormal Activity 5 on the horizon as the ‘ending’ for PA4 wasn’t in fact that, in true Paranormal Activity fashion.


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