Street in Manchester renamed ‘Hand Job Alley’ on Google Maps

[DS]: Google Maps has seemingly renamed a portion of Manchester’s Temperance Street as “Hand Job Alley”.

A photograph had previously appeared of a couple engaged in a sex act at the location on its Street View service.

Hand Job Alley in Manchester on Google Maps

Temperance Street is renamed Hand Job Alley

Google later removed the image and said: “We’ve put in place simple tools so that if people see what they believe to be inappropriate, they can flag the image to us and it will be quickly removed.

“We apologise for any inadvertent embarrassment this may have caused.”

The couple engaged in a sex act on Temperance Street

Someone, and it is not clear who, seemingly made light of the incident by renaming parts of the street “Hand Job Alley”.

The map featuring “Hand Job Alley” was visible to all Google Maps users who searched for the M12 6HR postcode and zoomed in.

However, later today (March 13), the entirety of the road had reverted to its original name of Temperance Street

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