Do A Tri-Colour Match

DSC_0433The easiest new trick to updating any spring outfit instantly is the tri-colour match. Just take your favourite colour and work it three ways in one outfit through accessories, shoes or a jacket. This matchy feel will pull everything else together, giving the illusion of a carefully placed outfit with instant glamour.

This season there are plenty of shades to choose from to incorporate into this styling trick, including cobalt blue, canary yellow and bright white. While tan and black are the ultimate colour choices to ensure your outfit will look smart and glossy.

There are plenty of street style images to give you some inspiration for this, but anyone can pull this look together. Invest in a chic blue boucle jacket, teamed with a blue bag and pointed courts, or a crisp white blazer with a belt and structured bag. Check out high street stores such as Forever 21 and H&M for a great selection of bargains to get in on the trend.

This is my take on the colour matching trick, but I have used the simple colour combinations of black and tan, my favourite.



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