5 Bands You Might Not Know About.

Here are some bands that aren’t as popular as they should be. Yet.

1. Public Service Broadcasting


A very exciting and bizarre band to get us started. Two men by the names of J. Willgoose, Esq. and Wrigglesworth (no, really) create songs by taking old archive films and public service messages and sticking really loud drums and guitar over the top. The bands debut album Inform – Educate – Entertain came out earlier this year and the band is about to embark on an autumn tour.


Listen to Signal 30 here:


2. Japandroids


This is a rock duo from Canada made up of Brian King and David Prowse. With one guitarist and one drummer these two are known for their fast paced, energetic songs with catchy choruses that you just want to dance to. These guys have two albums out now, 2009’s Post-Nothing and 2011’s Celebration Rock.


Listen to Wet Hair here:


3. Left Lane Cruiser


Another duo but this time from America and they’re totally badass. Imagine a cross between Seasick Steve and The Black Keys and this is what you get, a dirty blues sound that ain’t to be messed with. These two are responsible for 5 albums to date with my personal favourite being 2008’s Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table. 


Listen to Big Momma here:


4. Mallory Knox


If you listen to Radio 1 (and more specifically Zane Lowe) you will know a lot about the boys from Cambridge already. Their debut album Signals generated a lot of buzz, reaching 33rd in the UK chart and earning them a place on the main stage at Reading and Leeds festival. Ones to watch in the future.


Listen to Hello here:


5. The Virginmarys


This trio from Macclesfield are one of the most exciting bands out there. They are made up of Ally Dickaty on guitar and vocals, Matt Rose on bass and Danny Dolan who is one of the most impressive drummers you will ever get the pleasure of watching. From 2010 through to 2011 they released 3 EPs which (along with incredible live performances) earned them a reputation ahead of the release of their debut album King of Conflict. They are earning rave reviews from top magazines thanks to their punchy riffs and gutsy choruses. This really is a band that are writing powerful, back-to-basics rock.

They are at Reading and Leeds festivals on the Rock/Lock up stage on Sunday and Friday respectively. If you happen to be at either of them be sure to make an effort to see them. I promise you won’t regret it.


Listen to Bang Bang Bang here:


If you have a band you want people to know about please share in the comments below.

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