Who Will Headline Reading and Leeds 2014?

The mud has been washed off, the hangovers cured and the tents packed away. Reading and Leeds festivals have finished for another year and now is a time for reflection and speculation. We will remember the epic performances of Green Day, Biffy Clyro and Eminem then wonder, who will take to the main stage next year? Here is a list of bands I think will make great headliners for 2014.


1. Arctic Monkeys

I thought I’d get them out of the way early because they seem to be the most popular choice already. They proved they can pull off a headline performance at Glastonbury this year and it just feels like it is their turn to have a crack at Reading and Leeds. The lads from Sheffield are an incredibly safe bet to headline next year.


They seem due a headline slot at Reading and Leeds

2. Daft Punk

Responsible for one of the biggest singles so far this decade but haven’t toured their new album Random Access Memories in 2013. However, this doesn’t mean they will turn down the opportunity to take to the stage at two of the best festivals in the world. Even if they don’t headline, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the French duo appear on the festival circuit next year.


Maybe they’ll “Get Lucky”… I’ll grab my coat

3. Queens of the Stone Age

Perhaps they don’t have the mainstream popularity to headline but there aren’t many bands out there who deserve a headline slot more than the California rockers. Their latest album …Like Clockwork is widely regarded as the best rock album released this year and has a laid back feel to it. The type of feeling you get from a band that are only here for a good time. Exactly the type of band you want to headline Reading and Leeds festival. Plus, you can guarantee pregnancy rates around Richfield Avenue and Braham Park will soar once Josh Homme steps on stage. Homme

Its pronounced “Hom-mee” rhymes with “mommy”

4.Foo Fighters

Anytime Reading festival is mentioned Dave Grohl is never far behind. He is like the godfather of the damn thing and his band are rumoured to be having a new album released for 2014. The only reasons I don’t think they’ll make an appearance is because they headlined in 2012 and are heavily linked with headlining Glastonbury next year.


Happiest band in the music industry

5. Mumford and Sons

This year they proved their headline credentials with two superb sets at Glastonbury and T in the Park and their latest album Babel has been a massive success. It seems like headlining Reading and Leeds would complete the set of british festivals for these lads from Ireland.


The folkiest band photo I’ve ever seen

6. The Killers

Having already proved they have what it takes to pull off a headline performance many times before, The Killers are your go to guys for massive hits and crowd singalongs. They will even have a new christmas single for us by then as well!


Brandon Flowers’ voice is a gift to the world

7. Kings of Leon

They latest album Mechanical Bull is hotly anticipated and will land on the 23rd of September meaning the Kings of Leon will have a new album and a back catalog of hits. Everything seems in place for them to make a triumphant return to the festival scene with a headline performance at Reading and Leeds.


You know it makes sense.

Obviously there are loads more potential headliners out there and those 7 are merely a few. If you have anyone you think will headline or just think I’m talking rubbish then drop a comment below.





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