About us

*this is being updated*

*this is being updated*


Amar Chander – Founder

Carlos Amartey – Editor-in-chief

Declan Baker – Sports Editor/Music

Sarah Jenkins – Style/Music/editor-in-chief

Ryan Smith – Overall content manager

Eleanor – Style

Greg Hill – Style

Gemma H – Style/Music

Alex – Music

Taylor – Music

Laura – Dawson Music

Aaron – Graham Music

Rebecca Roberts – Style/Music/Art

Tasha Roberts – Music

Taylor Gladwell – Music/Art

James B Music/- Sneakers

Lucy D Music/- Style

Alice O – Style

Caleb D – Technology

Liam B – Sports

We are no longer active, this is for various reasons.. one being we're at uni and/or have jobs now!


Thanks for everything, and if you want to check out Amar's new thing it's http://splashofthoughts.com/