Write for us

At Shakeupthesky we are always looking for individuals across the globe that immerse themselves in today’s forever changing pop culture. If this sounds like something that relates to you and you feel that you could write for us, please feel free to apply. Ideally you should be reliable, have a desire to put out the best work you can and be a team player.

This is an opportunity to become a part of Shakeupthesky as we continue to grow.

  • Please only apply if you’re over 16 and prepared to take this seriously. We don’t have the time or patience for someone who is going to write an article every few weeks, when there are others that would be prepared to offer us much more.
  • Also, please don’t apply with ideas you’re not going to be able live up to, i.e. “I’m going to write an article on mixing and matching my own outfits” when you don’t actually own a camera. (Silly example we know but it’s all we could think of.)
  • We are open to all ideas, and we actually prefer if you’re as creative as possible. Don’t be afraid to apply using the examples we’ve given…they are just an idea of what not to do.
  • This is a non paid intern position but your work will be published for everyone to read & it will look impressive on your CV. Further commitment could eventually result in a paid role.


If you have an interest in the following departments feel free to get in touch:

  • Music
  • Sneakers
  • Movies
  • Art/Design
  • Technology
  • Fashion/Style
  • Cars
  • Lifestyle

*If you have anything else to offer even if it isn’t writing, please bear in mind we do consider everything.

In the “application” form beneath, please include the following:

  • Tell us about which department you would like to contribute to and why. Try to keep it short and sweet and be specific!
  • If you’d like to write about something which isn’t on the list don’t follow the structure and just drop us an email at people@shakeupthesky.com

If you cannot commit to this 100% we would prefer if you didn’t apply.



The attachment tab doesn’t need to be used, but if you wish to send us your CV or anything along those lines you can, this is not a necessity however.

We endeavor to respond within 7 days depending on the section you’d like to write for.

Unfortunately due to the volume of emails we receive, only successful applicants will receive a response. 


We are no longer active, this is for various reasons.. one being we're at uni and/or have jobs now!


Thanks for everything, and if you want to check out Amar's new thing it's http://splashofthoughts.com/